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Her uncle is attacking my businesses.

To weed him out, I’ll use her as bait…


I grew up not knowing who I was, yet I knew I was destined for something more.

When I found out I was the son of Finn O’Reagan—a powerful player in the Irish Mafia, I embraced my legacy.

The world I stepped into, though, comes with its own list of rules.

Ones, I find myself breaking for her.

She smashed my heart years ago, leaving me without remorse.

When she returns years later, her uncle is attacking my businesses.

It’s almost as if the two are connected, leaving me no choice but to use her to set him up.

The further I drag her down that rabbit hole with me, the more the line between love and hate blurs.

 My old feelings for her start to rise rapidly.

Before we know it, we are both knee deep in danger…only this time, I won’t let her run.

Even if it costs me my legacy.

I won’t lose her twice.