My rivals are Dons; I am a King.


Three brides have been chosen for my pleasure and displeasure. One of them will become a King’s consort; the others will be discarded.


Until my decision is made, I get to feast on them all. 


They are mine. 


After the demise of my uncle, the O’Sullivan family has yet to choose the new Don. With two brothers and a vengeful, unhinged cousin also vying for the position, tension is rising in an already dangerous business.


Especially since no one knows that I’m responsible for my uncle’s disappearance.


Enter the Hands of Kings, a global cult with the ability to replace CEOs, Presidents, and Popes. And their leader, Victor, has his eye on me.


Few men were made to be Kings and Victor has plans for me, plans that do not require my approval.


But an unseen enemy is hiding and they know my secrets. They are manipulating the people around me with the intention of taking my crown.


A King is not so easily dethroned, especially when threats are made toward me and mine.


No one shall have my brides.


When Kings Rise is a dark mafia romance, intensified by the presence of a cult, with mature themes, mature language, and very mature steam. 

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