Three brides have been given to me: Niamh is as delicate as the careful steps she takes, Selene is as challenging as the secrets she’s trying to unravel, and Amira who has been lost to me.

Someone has taken her and that fool does not realize that a King never forgives or forgets.

Blood debts must be paid and the collectors are knocking on doors. The Hand himself keeps the ledger and my name has been written in red.

Yet, no shadows appear at my doorstep.

He may be the Hand of the Kings, but I am Diarmuid O’Sullivan. Before this cult infiltrated Dublin, my family ruled it.

And this King always fights for his throne.

This time, I am not fighting alone. Despite my desire to keep them safe and secure, my brides have no fear of shadows.

In fact, they are determined to shine a light in every dark crevice where my enemies hide.

They don’t realize that if that light shines on me, they may not like what they see.

Some Kings are monsters.

When Kings Bend is the second installment of the O’Sullivan’s Brides. This is a dark mafia romance, intensified by the presence of a cult, with mature themes, mature language, and very mature steam. Discretion is advised but not encouraged.

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