thorn  - book one (sons of devils mc) 


“God forgives. The brotherhood doesn't."

When a Prospect steals from me, I send one of my men after him.
Vengeance is mine.
What he brings back is a payment I'm tempted to accept—if her brother doesn't show up soon.
Her innocence begs me to take her.
To break her.
To kill her brother and keep her as mine.
But she's my captive, and I refuse to cross that line.
Even if she does tempt me at every turn.
The longer her brother stays missing, the more the lines become blurred.
And that's dangerous for us both.


You don't steal from an MC and live to talk about it.
When my brother takes the club’s money and goes into hiding, they come looking for him, and when they can't find him, they take me instead.
I’ve been kidnapped as an unwanted payment for my brother's sin.
Captive to a man hiding behind his anger.
A man whose touch ignites my soul, even as his need for revenge calls for my blood to be spilled.


Book Two in the  Sons of Devils MC Series