She was only supposed to be a job, but now I can't seem to walk away.


Fighting is all I’ve ever done. I’ve fought for my father, my brothers. I’ve fought for money or just for the thrill of it but now I have a new reason to fight. I must fight to keep Ava safe only this time it’s not with my fists.


I’m broke, working a dead end job while hiding from my abusive ex. So yeah life isn’t great right now, that is until Connor. He arrives at the bar I’m working at, strikes up a conversation and I’m hooked.

I’m hooked because he’s awkward and there’s darkness in him that I’m drawn to. Yet it’s also the reason that I know I should stay away.

Reading order for the Irish Mafia



Father (Wild Irish 0.5) Michael O'Reagan & Margret Hegarty



Vicious (Wild Irish #1)

Shane & Una 


Reckless (Wild Irish #2)

Finn & Siobhan


Ruthless (Wild Irish #3)

Connor & Ava


Fearless (Wild Irish #4)

Darragh & Ciara


Heartless (Wild Irish #5)

Liam & Svetlana



Mafia Prince (Young Irish Rebels #1) Jack & Maeve


Mafia King (Young Irish Rebels #2) Shay & Emma


Mafia Games (Young Irish Rebels #3) Richard & Claire


Mafia Boss (Young Irish Rebels #4) Dana & Cillian