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HEARTLESS book five

She once was my prisoner. Now I want her to be more - no matter the price.



Liam O’Reagan once my captor, was now my everything.

My savior.

But lately I was starting to realize he wasn’t bulletproof.

And now I’m sending not just Liam out to war, but the O’Reagan family.

My uncle would have me back no matter what blood is spilt.

This war is for me, one I hope we win.



Svetlana, she’s breathed life back into me and my heart is pumping again.

I’m starting to feel guilt over things I have done.

I know I’ll have to come clean to my family about our mother’s death.

But, as the attacks on Svetlana’s life grow, my sole focus becomes keeping her safe.

And to do that, I have to go to war with her uncle.

But I’m not standing alone, I have my brothers at my side.

This is a war that will change the face of the Irish Mafia for all time.

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