The Sixth  - Book Three (the cells of kalashov) 



I storm into Lenny’s club ready to destroy him if he doesn’t pay up.

He offers me a down payment that I can’t refuse.

A distraction I can’t afford.

A responsibility I can’t ignore.

Katina, my best friend’s little sister, was Lenny’s little pet.

Now she’s mine.

But, I can’t keep her.

I can’t touch her.

Maybe just one taste.

But, one taste is all it takes and I’m addicted.

She’s off limits, but staying away from her is impossible.



To him I will always be his best friend's little sister.



And now that he’s cost me my job, I’m a debt.

A wrong he has to make right.

But, I see the dark desire burning in his eyes.

I feel it merge with mine.

I know he’s fighting his desire for me.

I’m done fighting mine.

There’s no way I could fall for a guy like him.

I know Tomas.

He’s deadly.

And dangerous for my soul.

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Mayhem Reigns, Darkness Lurks, But Love Saves Them!

The underworld Mafia Kings are shroud

in darkness and mayhem.

Their salvation, the love of a woman.

All proceeds will be donated to

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Book Four in the cells of Kalashov Series.