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★★★His home we turned into a battlefield of lust and violence.★★★


I knew my life was over the moment his dark eyes connected with mine.

I should have ran.

I should have never seen what he did.

What he was.

Now it's too late.

I'm locked underground with a madman.

A man determined to take what's left of me.

A man determined to strip me bare piece by piece, forcing me to face my demons.

I'm quickly falling into him.

Losing myself to the desire he ignites inside of me.

A desire I fight to deny.

I need to escape him before I lose myself completely.



I should have never taken her.

I should have ended her life there on the rooftop.

She was a loose end I needed to snip.

Instead I brought her to my home.

A home we turned into a battlefield of lust and violence. 

Grief and pain.

Love and destruction.

And as danger creeps in from the outside world I know if I don't break the hold she has on me we could both end up dead.